The conference day

2016-08-16-sen-conf1The Programme

After breakfast we convened for a time of reflective prayer led by our liturgist, Shirley  Taylor.

Each keynote presentation was followed by a time for personal reflection and then, fortified by coffee, sharing in groups.

sen-conversations-250There was free time after lunch before the workshops and then an opportunity to join others in a ‘pop-up’ conversation – arranged by posting a subject on the board.
After the evening meal there was a varied programme before closing with night prayer in the chapel, again led by Shirley, and a night cap in the bar.

The Worship

The times of prayer to start and end the day’s programme were an essential part of the conference. A well-chosen image was shown on screen to help hold the themes from the day in contemplative silence. Shirley’s guitar accompanied our singing to incorporate another sense into the worship.

Those present clearly appreciated this contemplative approach to the liturgy, commenting “the well prepared prayer times were soul-renewing”.