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Report on the 2018 Conference

Our keynote speakers: (l to r) Edel McClean, Nick Austin SJ, Julia MacDonald

In August 2018, some 50 people, all working with the 500 year old Spiritual teaching of St. Ignatius, gathered in Leeds to ponder the question – Are the Exercises relevant in our broken world today?

After listening to three highly respected, challenging and eloquent “Ignatian” speakers, we reflected both individually and in small contemplative groups, before plenary sessions.

Julia MacDonald – director of St. Bedes pastoral centre in York spoke of the point of global crisis we are in with the opportunity to enter a ‘higher’ future (Jeremiah 21v.8). She quoted IGNATIUS – ‘you wish to reform the world, then reform yourself through God’s loving action.’

We looked through the eyes of the astronauts at the awesome wonder of earth. We listened to the words of Teillhard de Chardin sj – ‘helping the human family moves towards the next step of human evolution in love is the most challenging task of contemporary spirituality. Julia affirmed, that through the living document of the Ignatian Exercises, we are given an interior compass, a knowingness that we’re working towards oneness in a living committed loving relationship – thus Finding God in all things.

Edel McClean – Discipleship and Ministries Learning Network of the Methodist Church, asked another question. Given that for IGNATIUS and his first companions, the insights of the Exercises informed everything they said and did, and the insights of life informed the giving of the Exercises, how far do we share an integrated approach?

Prayer of Pedro Arrupe sj. (Founder of the Jesuit refugee service)
Grant me O Lord, to see with new eyes,
To discern and test the spirits that help me read the signs of the times,
To relish things that are yours, and to communicate them to others.
Give me the clarity of understanding that you gave IGNATIUS.

So…. How do we see the signs of the times now – general divisions, decline in the Church and coarsening of public discourse? Here she quoted the BBC DG ‘there’s a sense of public discourse losing its power to explain and reconcile, or indeed express anything beyond hatred and division’……… Our integration of the Two Standards, Spiritual conversation and remembering that everything we say and do tends to ripple through our network, having an impact on our friends, friends’ friends and friends’ friends’ friends …… Edel concluded by quoting the words from the Pope to all Jesuits – that they live in Consolation, Compassion and Discernment. Our way too!

Nick Austin SJ, a priest who teaches Theological Ethics and also directs the Exx.
His topic – spiritual Direction – discerning in the grey in a morally fragmented world.
He began by looking at the Wesleyan Quadrilateral – 4 sources of Christian Moral Wisdom – Reason, Scripture, Tradition and Experience. Quoting Pope Francis ‘the shades of grey prevail life. We must teach to discern in this grey area.’ Nick asked us to reflect on what gives us courage to discern in the grey and what does it mean for us now to accompany others in moral discernment. Where do we meet moral fragmentation in our society, church and ourselves

How do the Exercises speak to us?
The days were wrapped in prayer together with gentle, reflective liturgies created by Shirley Taylor, a member of the SEN committee, whilst the afternoons included a large choice of workshops led by conference members. What a feast! I am sure  Ignatius and his first companions would have delighted in it all. I am also sure everyone attending would be able to give you a different picture of what particularly spoke, what challenged and what gifts they received.

The next Conference will be in 2020

Sue Wilson. Committee member of SEN

CSN conference 2019

Living a spiritual life with the help of Gerard Manley Hopkins and the Spiritual Exercises is the theme of the Catholic Spirituality Network Conference 2019 – with keynote Speaker Dr Michael Kirwan SJ 15-17 March 2019 at the Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick, Derbyshire.

Details are on

Early bird booking extended to 30 April

To fill the last few places at the conference, we are extending the “early bird” discount until 30 April. Book now and the full cost is £450. After that, £475.

Grants are available from the Society of Retreat Conductors. They prefer online applications, but it is also possible to print off the forms and send them by post/fax/scan and email.  The link is  If you would prefer to apply by post, the address is: Kathy Redington, The Society of Retreat Conductors, St Mary The Virgin Church, 30 Bourne Street, London SW1W 8JJ.

We now have provisional information about the Workshops which will be presented at the conference. They include:
“Amendment of Life”
Good Spiritual Direction
Evolutionary power of love
Healing generational wounds
Myers Briggs
Ignatian Retreats
An art workshop

The next conference

Get out your diaries and book the dates:
13th – 17th August 2018 at Hinsley Hall, Leeds.

The SEN committee is working towards a theme of
The Spiritual Exercises in a fractured world.

More details will follow in due course.